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I'm using it and it's pretty cool. I want 2 more...

Stephen Perkins

Very cool kinetic drum machine, congratulations!

JoJo Mayer

This opens up endless possibilities.

Tommy Igoe

Tripstick is fresh

Daru Jones

Wow! This is crazy, fantastic idea!

Liberty Devitto

F***ing cool!!

Corky Laing

This is a great idea!

Peter Erskine

Bad ass idea, a step ahead of the curve!

Roy Mayorga

Very interesting idea

Jerry Marotta

Innovative add on.

Joey "Bones"

I din't get get it @first but once I played it it's really cool

Joe Gansas

Really cool


Sounds awesome on my wave drum, love it

John Macaluso

Very cool add on for drums 

Pete Lockett 

Can't believe nobody's thought of this before.

Tazz Washington

Cool product!

Guy "Spinball"